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Bahamas honeymoon sailing

honeymoon sailing



Bahamas Sailing Charters    

We provide the best Bahamas catamaran charters available. Our   Bahamas catamaran sailing charters are all inclusive with your own captain, dive master and chef.  Our Bahamas sailing charters includes unlimited scuba and sport fishing  with your own private spacious cabin, bath & shower facilities. Our catamaran charters are equipped with the most modern navigation and technology and staffed with an experienced crew. On our Bahamas catamaran sailing charters you will enjoy sailing , fishing and scuba dive in the most exotic destinations.  Our Bahamas catamaran charters  are truly an experience of a life time. You will sail  the tropics, snorkel and scuba dive vibrant coral reefs. All food and beverages are included. Our Bahamas catamaran charters are truly  ALL inclusive. Scuba diving, treasure hunting on Spanish Galleons, sport  fishing and snorkeling are just some of the activities we offer.   We know you will want to share your catamaran sailing and scuba experience when you return home so we also provide you with a digital CD photo album and DVD video of your sailing vacation both above and below the water FREE.


The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and cays, all with beautiful beaches, world class fishing and magnificent snorkeling and scuba diving spots. The shallow draft  of our catamaran charters allows entry to  anchorages in the waters that other charter yachts are not able to enter. Our all inclusive Bahamas catamaran charters offer a luxurycatamaran with more room than single hull sailboats and offers a spacious private cabin, cockpit and a large salon.


Snorkel North America's only living coral reef. This roomy, fast catamaran charter will get you around in comfort and give you hours of water time to enjoy the tropical corals and fish like no other sailing charter. Reefs in the Bahamas are ideal for snorkeling and shallow reef diving because the top of the reef comes to within 3 feet of the surface while the bottom is at 25 to 35 feet. Our coral formations are famous for their abundance of fish, from impressive schools of blue-striped grunts to green moray eels.  We have shallow reefs for snorkeling, and a range of deeper reefs for experienced scuba divers. All you need to bring is your bathing suit (or not) . The crew of our catamaran will supply you with everything else, including complimentary sodas, wine, beer, and snacks. So, come enjoy the beautiful warm waters and have a fun day in the sun.


Our Bahamas  honeymoon sailing charters on our luxury catamaran

We specialize in Bahamas honeymoon sailing charters for honeymooners looking for a special experience to begin their lives together and for marriage partners renewing their vows and romance. We have implemented the wedding and the honeymoon into one perfect package on our catamaran honeymoon charters. Relax and dress down in the balmy tropical  weather on your tropical honeymoon getaway after all the stressful planning and hard work that went into your wedding. Designed with lovers in mind, our Bahamas  honeymoon sailing charters are made to win the hearts of honeymooners and appeal to incurable romantics. Leave today on our catamaran honeymoon charters for Bahamas  the ultimate honeymoon destination. Leave today on the honeymoon of your dreams. Honeymoon on a luxury catamaran charter.  Elaborate as a royal event, or as simple as an I do on a sugar-white beach, a Bahamas wedding ceremony and our catamaran honeymoon charters are a dream come true. There's no more enchanting way to exchange vows, celebrate an anniversary, or promise yourself to your loved one, than our Bahamas  honeymoon sailing charters. The romantic and Intimate ceremony unfolds beachside or while sailing on the catamaran. A romantic champagne dinner on the catamarans deck while watching the Bahamas  sun melt into the sea is the perfect ending. Our Bahamas  honeymoon sailing vacations on our luxury catamaran  are an ideal place to spend your special day. Weddings are coordinated by local professionals lending to a distinctive personality to the ceremony. Our catamaran honeymoon charters provide a backdrop of astonishing beauty and serenity of Bahamas  so your honeymoon will be as magnificent as you've always dreamed. Embark on a journey of romance and adventure on your Bahamas  honeymoon sailing charter.   Escape to the Bahamas to live your dream on our catamaran honeymoon charters. With our luxury catamaran you will have the best of both worlds, fun-filled days and romantic, intimate nights with your love. If you've always dreamed of the perfect wedding our Bahamas  honeymoon sailing charters deliver. Our all inclusive honeymoon sailing catamaran charters on our luxury catamaran are perfect for the fun-seeking couple or  or couples who want a traditional wedding.  Imagine your wedding day by a sparkling beach under our clear blue skies. Our Bahamas  honeymoon catamaran sailing charters are sure to fulfill your every wedding desire.